Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is there too much ME in your marketing?

Businesses rely on marketing to promote their products and services in a way that will attract customers. Yet there's a common mistake many make in their marketing messages. They go on and on about what makes them great, all the while ignoring the very audience they're trying to appeal to--the customer.

Take a look at your website, your brochures, your last direct mail piece. How many times do you use the word "we" versus the word "you?" We have years of experience...we're conveniently located...we're cheaper than the competition.

These are all great things to mention, but after awhile your marketing begins to sound a lot like bragging. Fortunately, that's easy to remedy. Take a sentence that starts with "We" and think about how you could reword it and address it to "You," as in, "you, our customer."

Here's an example:
We have the best prices on top-quality furniture.
That's nice. Yawn.
Now, turn it around:
You'll save 15% on top-quality furniture.
Wait...I'll save 15%? That sounds good to me!

Is there a lot of ME in your marketing? Remember, it's all about YOU!

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